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Beaches and Waterfalls in Ratnagiri

Beaches in Ratnagiri

People prefer sea shores and lengthy walks along beaches; but due to heavy tourist influx in popular tourist places, there is hardly any breathing space. In order a tourist prefers solitude and want to admire nature at its best, it is advisable to visit Ratnagiri in Konkan belt of Maharashtra. Nestled in the Sahyadri mountain range and stretching across the shore line of Arabian Sea amidst dense coconut groves, it is a paradise with tranquil and clean beaches not frequented by loads of tourists. There are several popular beaches in Ratnagiri with tourist sightseeing places near the sites and worth visiting.

Mandvi Beach

The exotic and picturesque entry point or Gateway to Ratnagiri can be experienced by visiting Mandvi beach which is surrounded by the Arabian Sea to its south and the beautiful Ratnadurg fort overlooks to its west. Stretching up to Rajwada Port, the beach is covered in black sand and hence the name Black Sea of Ratnagiri; Mandvi beach can be accessed via public transport and private cabs as it is barely a kilometer from the main city.

Beaches in Ratnagiri

Mirkarwada Beach

Close to Ratnadurg fort is the Mirkarwada beach where fishing jetty is located along with fish market. It is not that popular yet recommended.

Ganapatipule Beach

One of the most popular and white sand beaches in Ratnagiri, Ganapatipule is situated at a distance of 26 kilometers from Ratnagiri and extremely renowned for the Swayambhu Ganapati temple on the beach. Ganapatipule offers breathtaking views of sunset and amazing scenic beauty from different angles. Adventure sports enthusiasts head to this beach for innumerable water sports and activities.

Beaches in Ratnagiri

Bhatye Beach

Located at a distance of barely 2 kilometers from Ratnagiri, Bhatye beach extends to 2 kilometers in expanse and its white sand creates a serene effect on the tourists. With innumerable chaat stalls on the beach itself, a view of Mandvi beach and Ratnagiri lighthouse can be visible from Bhatye. The beach is crowded with tourists for offering camel and horse cart rides and other recreational activities. The Zari Vinayak Temple is also located at one end of Bhatye beach. Also an agricultural research firm specialized in coconut research is located not far from the beach.

Aare Waare Beach

One of the less polluted beaches with white sand, located 15 kilometers from Ratnagiri are the twin beaches of Aare Waare with Suru trees bordering the shore.

Guhaghar Beach

Crowned as one of the less polluted beaches with stretches of white sand, the beach is barely a walk, situated 200 meters from Guhaghar ST stand. Tourists can savour delicacies at the chaat stalls set up on the beach.

Velneshwar Beach

Situated at a distance of 170 kilometers from Ratnagiri, Velneshwar is an inlet with flat beach; free from rocks and surrounded by dense coconut groves. Ideal for swimming , Velneshwar beach also borders the Shiva and Ganapati temple atop a hill is amazing. Close to the beach is Palshet where under water diving is encouraged for sighting man made rocks and walls.

Ganeshgule Beach

Covered in coconut groves and stretches of sandy and rocky shore, Ganeshgule beach is kind of marooned and detached from the main land and situated at a distance of 6 kilometers from Ratnagiri.

There are several beaches apart from the popular ones; like Anjarle beach in Dapoli of Maharashtra which is famous for being one of the cleanest beaches. Ladghar beach is famous for dolphin sighting. Karde, Hedvi, Harnai, Kelshi beaches in Ratnagiri are also famous in Ratnagiri district for their unfrequented sandy stretches.

Waterfalls in Ratnagiri

Ratnagiri in Konkan belt of Maharashtra is really blessed with precious gems and jewels as gifts of nature; abundant beaches, beautiful shoreline, hill stations, rivers and streams. The town and district has endless sightseeing opportunities; and the variety will baffle a tourist. So much so, it is not possible to get hold of all the sightseeing places in a single trip. Culinary delights, romantic getaways; Ratnagiri is way too tempting in the Sahyadri mountain range overlooking the Deccan Plateau. Since there are several rivers and tributaries in the district which flows into the Arabian Sea, there are a few panoramic waterfalls in Ratnagiri.

Marleshwar waterfalls are situated at a distance of 270 kilometers from Mumbai and are located closely to Sangameshwar which is 32 kilometers from the spot. It is also close to Ganapatipule beach and temple which is situated at a distance of 75 kilometers from Marleshwar. The place is famous for the Shiva lingam inside the cave close to the waterfalls. The place has 30 minor streams which in the form of waterfalls portrays a peacock like figure with its wings stretched out. These 30 odd waterfalls conjoin into a two storied waterfall known as Dhareshwar waterfalls. The sight is picturesque with dense greenery and mist. Marleshwar can be accessed from Chiplun in Ratnagiri via public transport (MSRTC Buses) or Sangameshwar railway station and via private cabs.

Waterfalls in Ratnagiri

Nivali waterfalls is situated at a distance of 12 kilometers from Ratnagiri enroute Sangameshwar and the magnificent sight of the water diving deep into the gorge of the Nivali Ghat range in the Sahyadri mountains. Both Marleshwar and Nivali waterfalls can be viewed best during monsoon when the streams are in full swing and they create an splendid view to behold.

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